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“Companies without VISION perish”

Our vision is to provide top-notch consultancy to the organizations having complex IT infrastructure and automating organizations who are using manual, century old techniques for record keeping. Not just that, we are creating a bridge between organizations and IT people, connecting our clientele to the bright minds who are willing to learn and earn by providing them leadership programs, training and certifications. This will not only decrease unemployment ratio, but also strengthen the economy.
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Usama Naveed, Owner & Founder

The idea behind Codeaze is to generate a digital wave, that won’t just create job opportunities but will also help new bright minds who wanted to pursue their career in IT but because of the lack of facilities they could not with the help of our leadership and IT training and certifications. Another milestone is to make technology accessible for everyone, either it’s a company or a student we are trying our best to make technology an essential part of their daily lives so that they can get maximum results out of what they are doing.

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